videoPacketStorm has developed products to address the video application test requirements. Products provide network simulation (network emulation), capture video files, replay video files, and replicate video streams. These products have a number of unique video application features such as: DASH dynamic network emulation, FEC Aware network emulation, VSF TR-03 and TR-04, Hitless network emulation, large capture and replay files, and video server farm stream emulation.


Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) is also referred to as Over The Top (OTT). OTT examples include: Netflix, Redbox, HULU, and YouTube. Other video clients besides DASH are Silverlight, HLS, and Flash.

FEC Testing

Forward Error Correction (FEC) is a method to transmit additional packets (FEC Row and Column packets) to overcome packet loss. SMPTE 2022 1/2 and SMPTE 2022 5/6 are standards that specify the transmission specifications. FEC testing includes Active Video, burst loss, and FEC aware tests.

VSF TR-03 & TR-04

VSF TR-03 & TR-04 are standards that use RFC 4175, AES 67, and SMPTE 2022 streams to send multi media over IP.

Hitless / Seamless Protection

Hitless or also called Seamless Protection is a method to transport video between two points without any loss. There are two redundant transport streams that the receiver must use to overcome any loss on either stream.

Set Top Box Testing

ITU G.1050 and TIA-921B are standards that use real-world data from service providers to develop network emulation models. Using these standards, users test susceptibility of a Set Top Box (STB) to real-world network impairments based on (packet loss, jitter, delay, burst packet jitter and loss, etc).

Video Generation / Replication

Real video data is required to truly test video applications. Video replication eliminates the need for a large number of servers or encoders to generate high capacity video.

Vide Transport

Network emulation validates the ability of video decoding equipment to handle transport stream error and to verify network equipment properly detects alarm conditions.

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